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Jul 08

Amazon-centric approach -

Well said.

Jun 30

HDR Is Ruining Your Photos -


High Dynamic Range photography represents the incredible feats that can be accomplished with digital imaging. But! HDR abuse is also responsible for some of the most horrendous displays of photographic over-indulgence. This must stop.

I agree with Michael that HDR has been overused; however it’s mostly the user over saturating and sharpening their photos with apps like Snapseed, VSCO Cam, and Afterlight which cause some horrendous results when overdone.

I take major issue with the original author on defining “over saturation” and “over sharpening” (AKA over processing images) as HDR photography. The author is misinforming readers about what HDR photography actually is and why it is such a great tool for photographers.

A camera is inferior to the human eye. A camera does not capture the scene as your eyes capture the scene. Taking multiple exposures of a scene and compositing those exposures together, without applying filters or over-processing the composited image, more accurately reflects what the human eye saw at that moment.

Case in point, the author praises a true HDR photograph (the wonderful landscape of the mountain, trees, and lake) for being “subtle” and showing detail in the trees that would have otherwise been lost in a non-HDR image. The reason why that image is subtle is because the photographer didn’t over process the image within an inch of its life with filters and cranking up the photo settings to 11.

The author is basically complaining about people feeling the need to applying filters and crank up photo settings now-a-days when they should be part of the #nofilter crowd. Now get off his lawn and stop using instagram!!!

Jun 29

Serious Android crypto key theft vulnerability affects 86% of devices | Ars Technica -

This exploit effects 86% of Android users and could occur by simply downloading the wrong app from the Google Play store.

This android security problem seems like it is a lot easier to exploit than some of the sensational IOS security warnings that need twelve moons to align while a person installs an app that isn’t in the App Store.

Jun 26

Hyundai’s 2015 Genesis will automatically brake for speed cameras: Awesome, or a terrifying misuse of technology? | ExtremeTech -

A creative way to leveraging the existing on board technology in a way that provides a new selling feature.

Jun 25


Withings made a smartwatch you might actually want to wear -

Looks like a nice product.

Jun 18

Theme Unit Test « WordPress Codex

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Jun 09

Daring Fireball: iOS 8 Uses Randomized MAC Addresses When Scanning for Wi-Fi Networks

Jun 06

Safari in iOS 8 uses camera to scan and enter credit card info -

This is a nice evolution of their current gift card code scanning implementation.

Jun 02

Connected Home - the reason for my cynicism. -


I made a smart-ass comment yesterday about my cynicism for all the hype around the connected home. I’d always made the joke that I didn’t want to have to reboot my fridge. If you’re the one who has to be IT Director for a family, you’ll empathize with that sentiment. Though I know it’s deeper than…

Great thoughts about the “connected home” utopia that people always talk about.

LG Heart Rate Earphones review: a fitness wearable with good sound and accurate data -

Kudos to LG. It seems like they are a company who gets that a wearable doesn’t need to be a Swiss Army knife.

Pick one or two logical things for the device to do and the make sure it does them well.