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Sep 15

Exclusive: Two Apple medical trials shed light on how HealthKit will work -

Apple’s HealthKit and partnerships with medical equipment manufacturers seems very interesting.

Aside from this being a hardware + software ecosystem advantage play, I wonder if the medical equipment companies will have to pay a “Made for iDevice” license fee.

Sep 12

iPhone 6 pre-order demand overwhelms networks -

The fact that these outages are spread evenly across the web, telcos, Apple, and even across continents tells me this is about demand, not about poor provisioning.

I will admit the icon may not representative of the current product family lineup, but it is instantaneously recognizable by consumers.

I will admit the icon may not representative of the current product family lineup, but it is instantaneously recognizable by consumers.

Sep 05

4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 6, a sapphire glass iWatch, and NFC payments.. oh my! -

I am not sure that I am digging the industrial design of the supposed iPhone 6. The color matching top and bottom pieces on the back of the device really make the antenna “breaks” stick out like a sore thumb.

I prefer the two tone back of the 5 & 5S as it ties in the color from the front display bezel and makes the antenna breaks less of an eye sore.

I am not a fan of Near Field Communication executions thus far. It feels antiquated and clumsy to take an expensive piece of tech and place it/rub it/knock it against something else. We will see how Apple leverages the tech.

According to Wikipedia, Bluetooth LE has a quicker set-up time, better data throughput, and consumes the same amount of energy when compared to NFC. I do not get the logic behind the choice to include NFC unless it is to provide backwards compatibility with existing Point Of Sale installations.

Sep 03

Robo caddy -

A very cool concept. The remote is handy for sending the caddy to that next tee box as they show, but the necessity to be constantly putting the remote on the caddy and then taking it with you seems clumsy and annoying.

A wearable with a follow/no-follow button would sure seem like a great solution.

The Galaxy Note Edge is a flagship phone with an entirely new kind of curved display -

The Verge writes:

It is an interesting concept, but it is odd to create a device that favors a person who holds their phone in the their left hand. The demo shows that the touch tracking for the side rail is a bit finicky due to the small touch target area. I was getting frustrated just watching the the device not respond properly to the reviewer’s swipes.

An interesting concept, but it seems like there will be a lot of misinterpreted swipes that will lead to user frustration.

Aug 28

Video: How Net Neutrality Works -

Aug 26

bleep-Smart charging cable that backs up your data -

a cool product for Android users.

SMS Racing -

A brilliant way of leveraging a driving simulator to demonstrate the dangers “texting and driving”.

Instagram HYPERLAPSE -

So Instagram just release an iOS app called Hyperlapse for smoothing out time-lapse videos. Oddly enough, a Microsoft just released a similar time-lapse video tech called Hyperlapse two weeks ago.

Amazon has sold no more than 35,000 Fire phones, data suggests -

I can’t wait for earnings time so that we can see how Amazon tries to spin this. “This past quarter we saw record sales of the Amazon Fire Phone”.

This may be the first device that Amazon has to actually report sales data for. The only reason they may not is if AT&T refuses to report Fire Phone activations separately and lumps them into “Android”.

Aug 25

Burger King offers free Android Phones -

Would you really trust a kids meal prize with your sensitive data?